Personal Finance Academy

sponsored by Pension Fund of the Christian Church and Lilly Endowment, Inc.
hosted virtually




Aug 4-6, 2021 


  • learning life-changing tools for handling money in a space filled with laughter and support…
  • feeling free from the weight that often comes with discussions about debt and budgeting...
  • feeling hopeful about your financial future...
  • connecting with other leaders who feel the same fears and worries about money and ministry...
  • life-giving conversations with your spouse about how you both regard and use money…

…this is Personal Finance Academy

Watch the welcome video and join our live event that will begin on Wednesday, August 4th. 


In order to prepare for our time together please complete these 4 tasks by July 31st. 


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Once you've register please prepare for our time together by completing the 4 tasks listed below.
Please complete tasks by July 31st.

Questions for Susan K. Foster


Since the event is hosted online, there are significant breaks between each activity to provide you time to reflect on the conversations. Make time throughout the event to journal and/or visit with your spouse about the information.

☼ Eastern Time   

Keep the conversation going on the Community Board! Feel free to carry on the discussion after the event.

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