Social & Networking


Wednesday, November 11th:

KingMakers will host a team bonding game night

Thursday, November 12th:

Join us for speed networking 

We hope you'll consider joining us for these two optional social and networking activities, with two time slots available for each activity. For many of you, you may be ready to transition to home needs or to rest. This is completely fine and we bless you on your way! If there are some among you who are still full of energy and extroversion and would find it life-giving to have some social time with colleagues, these are options available to you.

Team Bonding Game Night

Wednesday, November 11th @ 5 PM OR 8 PM

Each of Kingmakers' structured sessions is led by a trained Game Guide whose job it is to make sure the play experience is equitable and energized, leaving everyone giving (virtual) high-fives and feeling awesome about their colleagues and what they’ve accomplished together. 

The session will be 75 minutes of fun with a great opportunity to get to know your fellow ECFPL community members better. You'll be broken out into small groups so be ready to have your camera and speaker on. You have the option to leave at any time.

Speed Networking

Thursday, November 12th @ 4 PM OR 6 PM

This is a structured and fast (but not too fast) paced networking activity allowing participants to interact with others. Although this is typically in a series of brief one-on-one exchanges, we will offer a variety of settings including groups of four, three, and one-on-one for 3-5 minute sessions. This activity is 60 minutes or less. 

Sign up for these activities is included in the registration. If you did not sign up but are interested, it's not too late to join in the fun!  Please email Karen at [email protected].