Team Leadership Gathering

Staying Connected Through It All











Welcome, friends, to a gathering that will be both new and familiar. The new parts are obvious: we will be connecting on-screen instead of in-person, we will be gathering across time zones and geography, and we will have a different rhythm to our time together. You'll recognize some familiar things, however: the Alexander will be hosting us (including a bit of their amazing Nourishment Hub delivered to your own home!), and we'll be joined by speakers and worship leaders who have been in relationship with us along this journey. Most importantly, we will gather as a learning community, connecting to Endowment staff, to one another, and to those within our own teams. We hope you sense the breath of the Holy Spirit, convening us across time and space, and we hope you emerge on the other side of this event refreshed, reconnected, and full of hope and determination for the good work into which God has called us - staying connected through it all.

Grateful to be in this work with you,

Elise and Rick