New Grant Recipients

Orientation Session

We hosted a virtual orientation session on Feb 1st. If you would like access to the recording please email Karen Stone.

[email protected] 


Explore a collection of research, articles, videos, and meet our resource organizations

Other grant recipients

We encourage you to reach out, make connections, and build relationships with other grant recipients


ECFPL Connection Opportunities

These are designed for directors but if you feel there is someone from you team who would benefit from joining please feel free to extend the invite. 

Peer Connections

These are completely optional conversation opportunities for directors (of all 3 cohorts) to connect with one another. Peer connections are scheduled to be 90 minutes but it's a very casual format and you are welcome to leave at any point. All begin at NOON Eastern. An invite will be sent to directors the week before each offering. Directors are welcome to invite team members they feel would benefit from these conversations.

  • Thursday, October 20th @ noon
  • Tuesday, December 6th @ noon


Gather Town

Many of our Peer Connection opportunities are hosted on a platform called Gather Town, a web-conferencing software like Zoom, but with the added component of seeing the virtual “room” you and others are occupying, and with the ability to move around and interact with other participants based on your locations in the room, just like real life.


How it works

  • The proximity-based video chatting platform automatically starts video conversations when your virtual character approaches others and automatically closes the video and audio feed when you move away—recreating the experience of walking around and talking to other people. 
  • Move around the space using keyboard arrows or by double clicking.
  • When your virtual character approaches an interactive object, it glows yellow and a tool tip displays: "Press x to interact." These objects can range from informational flyers, playable arcade games, collaborative whiteboards, YouTube videos, Google documents, and more! 

Important Tips

  • Please use a desktop/laptop with a mic and camera (Gather does not work on tablets or phones)
  • Please use Chrome or FirefoxIf you don't have one of these web browsers please Download Chrome or Download Firefox prior to our gathering. 


When you enter Gather for the first time it will lead you through a short tutorial. Feel free to explore one of our Peer Connections spaces at any time! 

Explore Gather


We are pleased to welcome you to the peer learning community associated with this initiative. We believe that when it comes to experimental work, we are better together. We trust that you will find this network of grantees a supportive, helpful resource to your work, and we are certain that you will be a gift to the network.

There is nothing we love more than hearing from grantees. So please - never hesitate to reach out to the coordination program staff. We are here to serve and support you.

- Elise Erikson Barrett, Coordination Program Director
National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders